1.  Enter your store details

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. A search engine is what you use to search the internet, like Google for instance. Google is a search engine. You type a query into it & it returns, or serves you, results from the internet. SEO is a massive subject but in this instance we’re just concerned with these three items.

  • TITLE when you search for something on the internet your search engine will serve you pages of listings. Now imagine your store is one of those listings, what would you like your listing to say? Here’s our listing on Google (below). You can see the large writing – that is the title. What should your title say? Perhaps you just want it to be the name of your store?


  • DESCRIPTION the small paragraph below the title, that you can see on our listing (above), is the meta description. What should your potential customers read to help them choose to click into your listing (& therefore into your store)?
  • KEYWORDS & finally just think about what words are important to your store. Enter them & separate them with a comma, such as: ceduna,homemade,knitting,knitted,jumper, etc.