Music Workshops?

So it seems there is a shortage of musicians who are willing to do weekly lessons with students. There also seems to be some people wanting music tuition but perhaps not enough, which may be the reason for my previous point.

Being one of the first category, I can understand that it simply isn’t viable to interrupt your day midway through the afternoon to stop and take after-school music lessons if there isn’t enough reason to do so. Having said that; I also dislike the idea of people wanting to learn music and not being able to. Yes! There are ways around it but nothing really compares to learning in person with a teacher.

What about music guidance sessions? Would that work? Would there be musicians willing to be present for a couple of hours during a regular monthly workshop where people could come in and get some guidance, something to go on with? Would people even want to learn in that way?

Maybe we could have it on the same Sunday as the monthly Open Mic Jam Sessions?

Just throwing the idea out there … ?

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