Learn to play piano/keyboard in Ceduna

In writing this post I’m assuming you are an absolute beginner and that you haven’t been able to find a teacher or friend who can help and, that you’re not keen on doing online lessons with our temperamental internet connection. If people teaching private piano lessons come forward I will add them to our Music Teachers in Ceduna blog.


So for now let’s assume there’s just you, no musical knowledge and a will to learn to play piano or keyboard. Is there still hope without a teacher?

Yes! Many, many people (musicians even) are self-taught. I don’t recommend it but it usually occurs because it’s the only option.

I am going to suggest that you start from the absolute beginning and make sure your foundation is strong. The most important thing here is to try and ensure that you are not learning the wrong things. Take the time to check what you’re doing and HEY! Run it past the Ceduna Music wall on Facebook. ASK! Other than that, do your best, it’s a start, and a teacher might come along and start taking lessons at any time. By then you might already be playing with two hands and ready to get serious.


My recommendation is the book series Progressive Piano Method For Young Beginners. There is a Book 1, Book 2 & Book 3 and also the supplementary books. These are not necessary in that they don’t teach you anything extra, they are just more practice (more songs) to play with what you have learnt in the books 1, 2 & 3. Supplementary Book A is designed as extra practice after completing Book 1 and Supplementary Book B is the extra practice book for Book 2.

So Book 1, Supplementary A (optional), Book 2, Supplementary B (optional), Book 3 is the order to work through and by this time any teacher will be happy to take you on or at least you should feel confident enough to move onto further study by yourself. This is a nice gradually progressive course of books that will not overwhelm and will teach you to read and play the music all within the book. There are also discs to play along with if you wish.

Don’t let the ‘for young beginners’ bother you. It’s just learning from the absolute beginning, that’s all. A perfect place to start!


You will need an instrument to learn on. I suggest seeking an unused secondhand keyboard, that someone has bought for their child and has stashed under the bed, for example. Something cheap. Perhaps you could even just borrow for a while to see if you get along with the music thing and remain interested. Just make sure the key size is standard (width of black keys averaging 13.7 mm and white keys about 23.5 mm wide) because if it’s a toy and doesn’t have standard sized keys you will struggle to play a proper piano after all that practice – which would be a real shame.


If you have no luck there or just want something new;

Rick or Darren at Ceduna Betta ( 8625 3053 ) can get Crown keyboards in if you order one, and digital pianos for that matter but, if you want another brand I can recommend Doug at Music World Port Lincoln ( 8682 4129 ). I have bought extensively through Music World, and Music Corner before that, in Port Lincoln for the past 30 years and have never had a bad experience.

So there you are! Just begin! Ask for clarification, encouragement, through Ceduna Music I’m sure the musicians involved in the page will be glad to help. Goodluck!


You can also get the same course of books for Electronic Keyboard there is no difference in songs or what you learn so don’t buy in addition to the piano course. The only difference is you learn to play the bass note or one finger chord (left hand) below the melody (right hand) instead of learning to play with both hands correctly for piano playing.

The same course for organ is also available and the difference there is you’ll learn to play the chords (left hand) on the lower manual (keyboard) of the organ.

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