Jake Spry

Spry's Store Ceduna

17 July 1957. Ceduna. Large Business Premises Opened. Last Wednesday morning Mr J D Spry opened his new premises in Poynton Street.

Spry's Store Ceduna

The spacious modern building is a splendid acquisition to the town and a credit to the enterprise and progressiveness of its owner. Build of cement brick, the large shop measures 80 ft by 51 ft.

Spry's Store Ceduna

The front is designed in pale green and black tiles and has large plate glass windows and the interior is painted in various colours in contemporary style. Display bays and island counters show the large and comprehensive stock to the best advantage.

Spry's Store Ceduna

Fluorescent lighting throughout is a feature. No doubt Mr Spry is justifiably proud of the new premises, which is a culmination of the 26 years he has been in business in Ceduna.

A contractor, Mr A Walker was the builder of Mr J Spry’s new store recently opened in Poynton Street.

Spry's Family Ceduna

7 May 1958. Ceduna. The bag of jewellery stolen from the shop of J D Spry… and recovered from the hold of the freighter Kuratai in New Zealand, early last week, is now on its way back to Thevenard in the same ship in the care of the captain. Two of the Kuratai’s seamen who had been arrested and charged with the robbery when the ship was last in Thevenard, at the time of the theft, will be recalled to court for sentence this weekend… At present they are in Adelaide Gaol. The men admitted in the Ceduna Police Court that they had put the jewellery in a leather bag, which they placed in a wheat bag at the bottom of the ship’s hold. Two day’s loading of bulk wheat had gone into the hold on top of the jewellery before the men made their admissions. As the ship could not be unloaded in Australia, SA detectives requested the Auckland CIB to watch for the bag when the wheat was discharged.

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