Is an App the Answer?

On the one hand we have more and more tourists looking for discounts and freebies and on the other hand we have a local tourism industry looking to extend the stay of their visitors. Somewhere in there, right in the middle, we need to find an answer to this riddle. To get it right would stand to benefit local business in general.

What about creating a situation where the experience is heightened for the traveller whilst they also earn their discounts in a way which provides value for the industry and provides incentive to remain a little longer? A win-win-win-win if you like.

Oh and fun too 😀

What about a situation where crossing the nullarbor can be an interactive experience with quizzes to find the answers to, points scored for a whole range of things like:

  • tours taken
  • photo opportunities rewarded, uploaded and local tourism tagged (providing content value and promotion) ie a nullarbor sunset or an aerial shot from Chinta Air for example (that’s points for the tour and more for the photo).
  • so many points for visiting the head of the bight
  • for a selfie eating a Nulladog (Nullarbor Roadhouse Hotdog)
  • questions asked at certain places and points for correct answers etc
  • perhaps the largest golf course would have a place in there too?

Sort of a combination of Pokemon Go, Geotagging, Quizzes, Games & Challenges and media content collection etc. These are only examples of course, the possibilities are almost endless.

Yes! I’m talking about an app!

Done well this would suit all ages and add fun and interest to the traveller (oh and did I mention a reason for them to swap notes and compete with each other lol) while adding content and social media spread for local tourism, ending in a reason to stay – or stay a little longer once you’ve crossed – to receive your discounts on the other end (ie Ceduna).

Further; there could be more benefits added for sticking around and completing the Ceduna and surrounds part of the game.

  • A photo from pinky point
  • A selfie on the Smoky Bay Jetty
  • A meal at a local restaurant etc

Is an App the Answer? Who knows? Anyway it’s an idea for starters!

I guess this sort of thing is more the Ceduna Visitor Information Centre, Ceduna Business & Tourism Association and / or the Ceduna District Council’s area. They would know best if this sort of thing would be viable. I’m just throwing the idea into the ring.


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