Hands Across the Sand

Today I went to the hands across the sand event at the Ceduna foreshore to fight for the bight against drilling for oil in The Great Australian Bight. I got to meet Sad Sob Seagull and get chips and lollies from her. I got to hang with James and Henry while they played the guitar and sung. I also got to do an interview, sign the petition and paint my handprint on the banner.

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I care about all the animals that could get hurt and killed by an oil spill including the baby whales and other creatures who depend on the ocean to live. I believe it is unfair that the next generation, like me, don’t really get a say in this because most kids would not agree with it. I am speaking up for the baby whales because they can’t speak for themselves. I went to the head of The Bight and watched a baby whale play happily right in front of me, like he was showing off just for me, and I promised that baby whale that I would be his voice and I wrote a song for him.

I get so angry when I see footage of oil spills and the dead and dying animals and I will not let it happen here. We have beautiful beaches and seafood and putting it at risk for greed is very hard for me to understand. The companies that are wanting to drill for oil are just greedy! They think that money is more important than lives and the future of SA. The ocean is food, life and it’s beautiful. I do not want it to be at risk.

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