What is Ceduna Online

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What is Ceduna Online?

Ceduna Online is an online advertising service. Some call what we do ‘active marketing’, some call it ‘reality marketing’ but no matter what you call it, the internet is today’s most necessary marketing platform for business as more and more it’s where consumers are spending their time socializing, searching for solutions, researching purchases and yes, buying.

Our purpose is to highlight what is available locally and support the shop local initiative with our own unique approach. One that is available to the entire community without their needing the time to learn, manage and/or finance each their own separate online solutions.

The Online Consumer …

I can find and buy what I’m looking for right now (24/7)

I can buy it cheaper

It comes to me

I don’t have to talk to anyone

If I have a problem it will be solved immediately usually with no hassle

The things previously in local businesses favor

Fear of online payments

Technology illiterate consumers


Product touch and feel

Human connection and service

Todays young adult consumers, who will in turn replace all generations of consumers, generally aren’t bothered with any of these things.

Supporting ‘shop local’ is a great idea in public conversation, but consumers of all ages WILL go home and purchase online in the privacy of their home if it suits them to do so. Campaigns telling consumers to buy local are great right up to the point of exchanging money and that is the ONLY part that keeps local stores open, employs local people and funds local community activities. There must be an understanding of what the new competition is and the means to meet that competition.

Does Ceduna Online have the answers? Who could say? There is no example to work from. This has not been tried in any other community as far as I can find. But I do know this … if you are in an industry who’s products and services are available online, or could become so at anytime, then ignoring the facts will see doors close for good and I’m not talking about some time in the future! This is your competition NOW! And will be increasingly so with every generation.

The 10 year old will soon be 12, 14, 16. Those 14 year olds who have their faces constantly focused on their mobile now will soon be 18. The 18 year olds now who have long been fixated on their phones, the internet and buying online, will soon be parents with this being seen as the ‘norm’ for their young children.

A large portion of today’s friend-to-friend, word of mouth recommendations are now done online with most within the local community occurring on the Facebook social media platform. And it’s no secret that word of mouth advertising is the most beneficial within our small local community. It is for this reason, and those mentioned above, that Ceduna Online Facebook Page provides a public page offering advertising for local businesses and services available within the local areas.

Our Facebook page is designed to both educate consumers on what is available locally and any current offers and specials. Why? Because online shopping is increasing and will continue to do so as younger generations become consumers. It is our belief that the only way to be competitive is to pre-educate consumers on what is available locally and where, and making purchasing as easy as possible. For this we offer a combination of advertising on our Ceduna Online Facebook Page, a searchable directory and hopefully soon online shopping options.

To further align with today’s consumer we need to be in the running when purchasing decisions are being made. A high percentage of this now occurs outside of traditional trading hours with research being performed at night and at home from the home computer or immediately at anytime through a mobile device. And this brings us to our next offering, our online business directory.

CedunaBusinessDirectory.com.au is not your usual business directory. It’s not just a place to find a business phone number. It’s also a searchable resource for finding products and services within the local area. Consumers will increasingly want faster transactions – this is where the savvy local business has the edge. Letting consumers know that they can have their purchase today and exactly where to find it is precisely the purpose of our business directory.

We also have our website CedunaOnline.com.au is a hub for all of our efforts. From here you can find all of our social media, including this blog. Our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram social media and blog is also designed to promote the local area to potential visitors and shopping local to tourists heading this way, and for longer posts we have our blog. Here we hope to have an ever increasing number of local contributors blogging about their area of local interest. If you are interested (no tech knowledge needed) please contact us here.

So why Ceduna Online for local business and consumers?

Because it’s ONE entity. That is it’s power. ONE place to search to shop local. ONE place to join to see specials. ONE place to inform tourists. It’s easy and it’s online and it’s ONE entity!! Ceduna Online provides functional, active support for shop local / buy local within the local community.

To summarize: Ceduna Online supports business local to the Ceduna area & surrounding districts by providing online solutions for business & consumers.

Please contact us to discuss how Ceduna Online can serve your local business.

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