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It’s the best because it helps visitors find what they are looking for in Ceduna. You can also enjoy helpful information, for example, where to park long vehicles and where you can walk dogs off the leash. Use our map as a stand alone tool or combine it with our Ceduna Business Directory.

Ceduna Online provides great tools for locals and visitors to Ceduna to shop locally with ease and find everything you are looking for, such as where to eat, where to stay and what’s on in Ceduna our Facebook page will even guide you to the best specials in town.


Map of Ceduna

Find what you are looking for in Ceduna by navigating our local area map.


Perhaps a drive around the bay would interest you? You could visit Denial Bay and enjoy a slower pace in this small seaside town. Take in the history by stopping off at McKenzies Ruins or the many other historic attractions listed on Ceduna Map.

Use our ‘eye’ icons to navigate your sightseeing and take advantage of these great photo opportunities in and around Ceduna. You will find many interesting places to add to your journey album such as The Big Oyster, which is also unique to Ceduna. Not only will Ceduna Map show you how to get there, it will also share it’s story with you.

Enjoy our free local barbeques and amazing foreshore lawns, the best place to take in one of our incredible sunsets.

Any way that you would like to see our beautiful area, our map of Ceduna can help you navigate your experience with tips such as our recommended businesses.

We welcome you to Ceduna and wish you a wonderful stay. We hope that our map of Ceduna gets you everywhere you want to go!

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