A detailed map of Ceduna & surrounds


With our map of Ceduna you can enjoy helpful information like, where to park long vehicles &, where you can walk dogs off the leash. Use the story cards for local insight and sightseeing information. Use our map as a stand alone tool or combine it with our Ceduna Business Directory to find everything you need & things to do in Ceduna.

Whatever you’re looking for Ceduna Online can help you find it!

How to use this map!

  1. Click the white icon located in the top left hand corner of the map. This will make the menu of map categories appear.
  2. To view or remove categories on the map, click each box in the menu next to the category/s you wish to see or not see.
  3. Within the menu, under the category, click on the individual listing to make it’s information card appear with local insight for that listing.

See if there’s a hot topic today by choosing the button below. This will take you to our Ceduna Soapbox Facebook group, which serves as a local community discussion board. A great place to ask a question & gain local insight. Ask the locals!

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