Ceduna Foreshore Hotel (part 4)

Some quite rare photos here of the railway line in front of the Ceduna Foreshore Hotel. Photos would be from about 1912 to 1930.

Ceduna Foreshore Hotel History on Ceduna Online

Yes a railway line in front of the Ceduna Hotel. This photo is probably around 1915 -1920ish. Some history of this line includes this clipping. Daily Herald. 11 April 1911. Murat Bay Trams. On Monday afternoon Mr. Moseley, MP, on behalf of the members for the district, waited on the Commissioner of Public Works and introduced Messrs A Tainsh and CA Tonkin as a deputation from Murat Bay. Mr HA Betts has a private tramway running from the Government tramline along the road to allotment 23. He had received notice from the Marine Board to remove the line.

The people of Murat Bay did not want the line removed and the deputation asked for withdrawal of the notice. The deputationists urged that the line was a benefit to the producers of the district and was in no way an obstruction. At the present time Mr Betts buys wheat for Bell & Co, and stacks the wheat alongside his line. If it were taken up, farmers would have to cart the wheat and could not get the same price as they get now. This was the means of making competition, as Darling & Son and George Wills & Co had the only two other stacking blocks. Another reason why the line should be left was that it was hoped a flourmill and other factories would be erected in the near future on allotments 22 and 21, and Betts’ line could then be extended to those buildings.

The deputation also asked that the Government run another tram way along the north bank. This would greatly assist them to land their machinery, and would keep the present goods shed and approach to the jetty clear. At the present time these goods were an obstruction and it was almost impossible to get wagons to the shed. It was pointed out that Murat Bay was a beautiful harbor and if laid out properly it would have splendid shipping facilities. The deputationists would be quite satisfied if the Government would take over Mr Betts’ line. An early report was promised to be obtained from the Marine Board, and members would get a reply in the course of a few days.”

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