Ceduna Foreshore Hotel (part 3)

Ceduna Foreshore Hotel History on Ceduna Online

Mishap at the Jetty. 1915.
As an aside to this story. Some years ago a lady contacted us to see if we knew anything about her grandfather, Jack McBride. She had been going through his things some years after his death and had found a leather encased watch. It was some years after that that she had thought about pulling the leather case off the watch and was amazed to find the words “from your Murat Bay friends, 1915” She didn’t even know where Murat Bay was or that he had been there. To cut a long story short, this was the piece of information we found and passed on to her confirming that he had been living here. Then we went to one particular photo we remembered and sure enough, a wonderful clear photo of him (courtesy of Lorna and Ken Schwarz, of a group of men at the Ceduna Hotel). The lady was amazed when we scanned and sent the photo to her, she kept saying “my son is a spitting image of him”!! We were also able to tell her that when the local men from here enlisted in WW1, the people in the town gave them a leather engraved watch and 60 pounds in money, hence the engraving on the watch she had!

Ceduna Foreshore Hotel History on Ceduna Online

A lovely photo of local men at the Ceduna Hotel, between 1916 and 1919. Thanks to the family of Ken and Lorna Schwarz for sharing. Mick Casey, Ceduna Police man, front, cross legged, middle. — with Alick Steel, Edgar Phillips, Ray Becker, Fred Montgomerie, Jack McBride, Mick Casey Policeman, Johansen ??, Dan Daley, Vin Irwin, Bill Baseby and Cyril Watson.
This is the photo we were able to share with the people in the first story here – a photo of JACK McBRIDE, her grandfather!!

HISTORY BITS AND PIECES Some stories and photos of our district by Sue Trewartha and Erica Bodger. See Ceduna Old Photos on Facebook for more local history and photos.

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