Ceduna Foreshore Hotel (part 2)

Ceduna Foreshore Hotel History on Ceduna Online

A photo of Con McInerheny standing with two other men in front of the Hotel, with his name on the sign at the front. He is the one in the middle.

Mr Cornelieus McInerheney was licensee from 1916 to 1922. A well respected and hard working man in the community, he was haulage contractor, a trustee of the Institute Hall in 1903, (later the RSL Hall), member of the Library committee and a builder. He built the original Lutheran Church in 1927. He retired and left Ceduna, returning to open the hotel when it was started as a community venture in 1949.

Ceduna Foreshore Hotel History on Ceduna Online

A great old photo of the Ceduna Jetty, looking back at the Murat Bay Hotel. This photo could be before 1908 as that was when the dining room was added to the southern side of the building, and it isn’t there in this photo.

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