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Find dates for Ceduna events as well as visiting specialists, garage sales, activities, pop up shops, shows, and yes, you can even find what’s on this weekend in Ceduna. Our Ceduna events calendar is updated weekly to keep it up-to-date and accurate for both locals and visitors to Ceduna.

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Below you can see the live feed from our Ceduna Diary group on Facebook where the latest video (top or highest in feed) is the latest Daily Diary which posts every day at 8:00 am. See what’s happening in Ceduna today & visiting specialists etc. If you have any questions about local events you an ask there.

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# [Eyre Chiropractic](https://www.facebook.com/eyrechiropractic/?__tn__=K-R-R-R-R&eid=ARD-2NWsvze4FjlW0MoO-LmgyS1Cl6PErsDWWtbGDXIHej6EyR_tl_f3JYrITh9TVr5TlvY0t245azbP&fref=mentions&__xts__[0]=68.ARBNtFj57tESpJBH-oAgnZsfe5nbE5KFu-8SOLmQyFFEWLp--z49YOyS00wyBjKhPx96lpdAj6Gd0UsC3j0N7uz6Oy0FDpr1hOsdth7yGYCrY3_1MoWqdxNphw7QThymtE4OtWDe26bkri5ZZsz2JnGuWtwMQz1HLHErd6Dy9DGZPnKVSzQAtEO1uzlpJWJX-66g1jZR0VHYdTPm0NCq674IrV-QMmIurvsFGyopVWbm_tJ9FqIErWZfuHtQAtBkgw7Fa3Eta0el15msj8Qj3ZPeWz0f3IRcbDJrKHx-p4HNZWamGUKQlcZroe7oFSzXsMBC) ✅

{*previously Access Chiropractic}
are in [#Ceduna](https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/ceduna?source=feed_text&epa=HASHTAG&__xts__[0]=68.ARBNtFj57tESpJBH-oAgnZsfe5nbE5KFu-8SOLmQyFFEWLp--z49YOyS00wyBjKhPx96lpdAj6Gd0UsC3j0N7uz6Oy0FDpr1hOsdth7yGYCrY3_1MoWqdxNphw7QThymtE4OtWDe26bkri5ZZsz2JnGuWtwMQz1HLHErd6Dy9DGZPnKVSzQAtEO1uzlpJWJX-66g1jZR0VHYdTPm0NCq674IrV-QMmIurvsFGyopVWbm_tJ9FqIErWZfuHtQAtBkgw7Fa3Eta0el15msj8Qj3ZPeWz0f3IRcbDJrKHx-p4HNZWamGUKQlcZroe7oFSzXsMBC&__tn__=*NK-R-R-R-R) on Monday & Tuesday coming.
You can now call 7 days to secure your consultation.
Vets On Eyre visiting Ceduna this week! 😊

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Hi Tamika, I don't have you on our calendar as being here this week but I redo the week from tomorrow, today so will add you in. Are you here Friday also?

Lena Drew

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Wondering “When is Ceduna oyster festival?” A very good question and I’m glad you’ve asked because you will also find those details on our calendar. By the way, Ceduna Oysterfest is always held on the October long weekend. We hope to see you there! The Ceduna Online events calendar is the best way to keep informed because if it’s a public event you will find it here!

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