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Ceduna calendar of social activities, our visiting specialists & all other types of public events being held in the Ceduna region.

When is Ceduna Oysterfest?

Wondering “When is Ceduna oyster festival?” A very good question and I’m glad you’ve asked because you will also find those details on our calendar. By the way, Ceduna Oysterfest is always held on the October long weekend. We hope to see you there! The Ceduna Online events calendar is the best way to keep informed because if it’s a public event you will find it here!

We like to support our local community and promote local events, clubs, and groups, and the best way to do that is to let people know what events are happening locally. We also list other types of events, such as visiting specialists.

Basically; if an event is open to the public then we’re happy to list it here. (see rules below)

Dear Event Promoters

Use the button at the end of this page to go to our Ceduna Diary group on Facebook. This is where you can post your dates and details, along with any links and posters to let us know that you would like your event added to our calendar and if you include a poster we will also add your poster to our bookcase on this page.

Ceduna Calendar


Events MUST be open to the public! All events that are listed on our calendar are events that welcome both locals and visitors to the area, please do not list any event that is private or closed to the public.

Add Your Event to Calendar

Add your event to this Ceduna Calendar by posting it to our Ceduna Diary group on Facebook.

There is no cost involved, it’s completely free to list your event.

This Ceduna Calendar is your one-stop-shop for everything that is happening in Ceduna and the surrounding area. It includes all the public events and important dates to keep in mind for the local community and visitors so that they can enjoy everything that Ceduna has to offer. From major festivals like the Ceduna Oysterfest to smaller events like local community fetes, this Ceduna Calendar has it all. There’s no better way to support the local community than by keeping an eye out for what’s on in Ceduna each week.

The Ceduna Calendar also includes important information such as visiting specialists from the Eyre Chiropractic and Podiatry or Vet clinic, so you can make sure that you never miss an opportunity for an appointment. The calendar also lists dates that new specials or sales are released at local businesses like Jim’s IGA or Ceduna Meat Service. This means that you can keep up to date with any local events, businesses, clubs, and groups all right here on the calendar. Whether you’re a local resident or visitor simply passing through, there’s important events and information on this calendar for everyone.

Ceduna Calendar
Ceduna Oysterfest

By far the biggest event in Ceduna that is worth being in town for is the Oysterfest. It’s held every year on the October Labour Day long weekend. It’s one of South Australia’s premier food events and the largest oyster festival in Australia. On the shoreline of Murat Bay, the festival includes family entertainment, parades, market stalls, live music, and arts and crafts across multiple days. It’s the perfect time to be in Ceduna with the whole family, to enjoy the best that the town and surrounding community has to offer.

Be sure to check the Ceduna Calendar close to festive times of the year too, such as Christmas, Easter, and long weekends. If you’re going to be in town, you might be able to time it with a local event or festival. From comedy shows to local races, there are often unique events during special times of the year. You won’t miss a beat with this Ceduna Calendar.