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Ceduna Online is a breakthrough Social Media Advertising Network providing advertising reach for local business.

As local business looks for a relevant advertising medium to turn to in this digital age, Ceduna Online is providing that forum.

We promote local business and the local area through relevant content and entertainment which stimulates business and tourism education and interest, friend-to-friend conversations, recommendations and sales.

The numbers don’t lie: 50% of Australians use Facebook on a daily basis, most of those people are connected continuously through mobile devices and the number one rule of advertising is – be where your potential customers are!

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Ceduna Online Network

The Ceduna Online network is umbrellaed by it’s website, and it’s Facebook business page Ceduna Online as its social media equivalent.

On the internet Ceduna Online’s website contains their online resources, for example;

And also other things of local interest such as the Ceduna Online blog.

Whereas the Facebook page umbrellas a network of niche groups / micro-communities, for instance;

  • Ceduna Buy and Sell – buying and selling used and unwanted goods
  • Ceduna Foodies – food specials, foodie posts and avid supporter of Ceduna Hospital and Village Auxiliary Inc.
  • Ceduna Soapbox – community discussion board
  • Ceduna Diary – events group and entry point for public events to be added to the website calendar and is also posting the calendar of events weekly to its own dedicated email list. Additionally, an avid supporter of local event organizers Ceduna Presenters.
  • Ceduna Smart Shoppers – local business notice board and best specials. Also posting weekly specials to its own dedicated email list.
  • Cedunagram – promoting Ceduna through great images. Avid supporter of Far West Camera Club and posting their monthly results.

All Ceduna Online advertising clients enjoy recommended and prime positioning and mentions throughout all of Ceduna Online’s website resources and relevant niches within the network. Never before has local business enjoyed such accuracy with directing their message to their highly valuable target market.

That’s a brief lay-out of this new creation, which uniquely, exists only in the Ceduna community.

Q How do I advertise on Ceduna Online?

To get started just contact us using the form on this page.

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