Butter Factory

In 1934 W Clarke opened a butter factory on East Tce in the face of much scepticism, but with the backing of several strong supporters and although he tried hard, local support was not forthcoming, and after three shaky years Amscol took over, because Ceduna’s farmland could not sustain a butter factory. He also ran an “Aerated Water and Cordial factory”.

29 Jan 1934, the Advertiser. The Ceduna butter factory was officially opened by Mr GO Lovelock, Smoky Bay, chairman of the Murat Bay Council in the presence of a large crowd. Mr Lovelock said that after years of agitating for a factory, the opening was an important event, stressing the financial advantages of sidelines to farmers and urged fodder conservation by means of ensilage to ensure cream supplies. The plant consists of two Pasteurisers, a large power churn complete testing apparatus and all the usual fittings and is housed in a new building adjacent to the Ceduna ice factory.

Ceduna Butter Factory

Ceduna Butter Factory

Although Mr Clark tried hard, advertising regularly for local support, after three years Amscol took over. In 1941, Mr. P. S. Morrison (manager of Ceduna depot) said ‘All efforts have failed to find a solution to enable the Ceduna Cream Depot to remain in operation due to the lack of shipping under war conditions. The depot will continue to receive cream from suppliers and despatch it by train to Amscol or Port Lincoln factories in the suppliers’ own cans. Suppliers will receive their returns from the factories direct.’

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