Adagio Allegro

This morning I bundled up my bits and piled out my front door and into my car. I arranged everything from my arms into it’s place and located my car keys. I put the key into the ignition and turned it on in the usual way with thoughts of day ahead.

Shortly after the motor came to life so too did the stereo, and with that my eyebrows leaped up my forehead and hid high under my fringe, somewhere near my hairline, causing my eyes to stretch as wide as dinner plates and slamming my head hard against the headrest. There I stayed for a moment, arms straight out from my shoulders grasping the steering wheel for dear life as sounds that I’d never heard before pounded from my speakers.

Adagio Allegro Ceduna Online

Who IS this? I said aloud to myself as I wracked my memory for the answer and failing to remember this CD purchase. I know ALL of my CDs and I was positive I had never heard this sound before. I couldn’t pick the song or the band. I gave up trying to guess and ejected the CD from the player. It read “Adagio Allegro”. That’s interesting I thought, because in written music ‘Adagio’ means Slowly and ‘Allegro’ means Fast and Lively. So is it either or is it both? But as my music buff head struggled with the meaning of this contradiction I had a strange feeling that I had heard the band name Adagio Allegro before somewhere, but I had not purchased the CD, so how did it come to be in my car?

Adagio Allegro Ceduna Online

Suddenly; I remembered that a past student had moved away and started a band called Adagio Allegro and although I cannot claim any credit for the sound that I was listening to now, I do remember hearing the name quite a while ago and wondering if his music study with me was behind the name, being that he would have learnt these words as part of his study.

Jack Smart! That’s it! That’s who it is and who is the drummer of Adagio Allegro!

I listened all the way into town and all the way home and WOW! It’s awesome drumming there’s no two ways about it. So thank you to the sneaker of music into my player and the turner way up of the volume knob – much appreciated but, I am happy to pay for the album – just let me know.

Adagio Allegro Ceduna Online

Here is a link to the Adagio Allegro Facebook page and a link to a sample of their music and I’m sure somewhere there you will be able to purchase a copy of your own but be warned … this is not for the faint hearted! It is metalcore music! If you listen to the sample in the link above you will understand the beginning of this blog haha.

Well done to this local lad Jack Smart! Hardcore fans – get amongst it!



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